I am a Senior at UCSB pursuing a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Professional Writing and an emphasis on Multimedia Communication. I was raised in San Jose, CA and am the second eldest in a Japanese-Filipino family of four. I am passionate about storytelling and am looking for opportunties to enhance my career in business strategy.

Maiya Eve Nishime
Name : Maiya Nishime
Email : maiya.nishime@gmail.com
From: : San Jose, CA


Check out some of my work from journalism to data analysis.



Dancing in Defense

Video and article on UCSB’s Humanities and Fine Arts news page about the Introduction to Capoeira class offered by the Exercise & Sports Studies department, led by Instructor Mariano Silva!



The Good Villian

An analysis on how antagonists in media are humanized. In this article, I uncover why some villians come across as relatable and complex, challenging traditional ideas of good and bad characters.



Brand Style Guide

Eve's brand blueprint encapsulates the essence of my Japanese experience, culture, and values, informing every aspect from logo design to color palette, typography, and mockups.




This consulting report for REBOSTPR uses R-programming software to analyze spam call patterns in California, optimize pricing strategies, and enhance customer satisfaction.



My Tower of Terror

An creative non-fiction story detailing a young girl's journey alongside a loved one diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. From a childhood perspective, the narrator reflects on the highs and lows encountered along the way.



Japan Town Medical Group

Japantown Medical Group's website that I created from scratch on Wordpress featuring their mission, team, appointments, doctors, and services.


Here are some hard skills I have acquired from past Economics and Writing coursework, internships, and employment experiences.

R Programming
MS Excel


Here are some of my recent positions that have cultivated my skills in multimedia design, written & oral communication, problem solving, and more!

  • 2024 - NOW

    Digital Marketing Intern

    Goleta Education Foundation

    As a Digital Marketing Intern at Goleta Education Foundation (GEF), I contributed to the organization's mission of providing equal opportunities in elementary education. I managed social media platforms, coordinated bilingual content, and supported marketing campaigns, including the annual Lemon Run Fundraiser. This experience honed my skills in marketing, communications, and community engagement, while reinforcing my commitment to education advocacy.

  • 2023

    Public Works Administrative Intern

    City of San Jose

    During my public works administrative internship with the City of San Jose, I played a key role in developing and designing over 30 Standard Operating Procedure presentations tailored for various sectors within the Public Works division, including Administration, Facilities, and Fleet Management. Additionally, I supported budget officers by overseeing departmental budgets, carefully monitoring City project expenditures, and forecasting the upcoming fiscal year's budget using MS Excel.

  • 2020-2023

    Head Events Coordinator

    UCSB Nikkei Student Union

    As the NSU Events Coordinator, I led a team of over 20 board members in organizing a diverse array of social, cultural, and educational events. Responsibilities included planning, finances, vendor management, and on-site execution. I implemented successful marketing strategies, such as social media campaigns, fundraisers, and collaborative events with other organizations, resulting in a 40% increase in attendance.

  • 2018-2020

    Clinical Receptionist

    Foxworthy Chiropractic Center

    As a Clinical Receptionist at Foxworthy Chiropractic Center, I efficiently managed patient check-ins, appointment scheduling, and confirmation processes for Dr. Nancy Hirose. I also upheld accurate database administration and maintained meticulous logbooks. I also provided essential administrative support by handling tasks like copying, faxing, and filing important documents for our team.


Learn more about my hobbies!

  • Growing up as a competitive gymnast, I developed a deep appreciation for movement, whether it's through yoga, calisthenics, or weightlifting.

  • Acting has been a passion of mine since childhood. For the past 3 years, I've participated in UCSB NSU's Annual Culture Night playing various roles.

  • If you are a foodie, we'll definetly get along. Exploring diverse culinary delights, from seafood boils to thai desserts, ranks high among my favorite pastimes.

  • Skincare and cosmetics hold a special place in my heart. I firmly believe that when you look good, you feel good! On the right, you'll find my vision for my future cosmetic brand.


Please feel free to reach out to me using this form or on LinkedIn. I welcome inquiries, suggestions, and collaboration opportunities. I look forward to connecting with you.